Recently patented low pressure CO2 method® is effective, sustainable and fast

low pressure co2 chambers

In response to the increasing demand for non-toxic methods of pest control in the (organic) food and feed sector, Intreso Group has developed a patented application for the low-pressure CO2 (carbon dioxide) treatment chamber. 

Safe and responsible

CO2 is approved for the treatment of organic products. The treatment of foodstuffs for human and animal consumption with CO2 is completely safe. Carbon dioxide does not affect the product and does not leave any (harmful) substances behind. The CO2 used in this process is extracted sustainably from (industrial) sources, from which no new emissions are released.

Short treatment duration and lower costs

The rate of decomposition in low-oxygen methods depends mainly on temperature. By using the combination of CO2 and a sophisticated heating and evaporation technique, the ideal recipe is created to successfully kill pests. Thanks to this unique application, this treatment requires no more than 3-6 days, much faster than regular N2 treatments that take 12-15 days on average. The short treatment duration, together with low energy consumption, makes this unique technique by far the most economical of all alternative treatment methods. 

The treatments take place in the specially developed SKAL Bio Controle / TÜV Nord certified treatment rooms of Intreso, but also at the client’s location, where a fully customised treatment room can be built.

“In recent years we have seen an increase in demand for alternative solutions to toxic gas methods in the food, feed and commodity industries. With the unique treatment method we have developed, we can now meet this demand in an environmentally friendly, safe and highly efficient manner at a very attractive price.”

Filip Herremans, CEO Intreso Group