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Intreso Group is a leading platform and technology center for all specialized handling methods for goods related to Pest Control of inbound and outbound goods in ports with the highest industry standards and phytosanitary requirements.

Specialist Products & Treatments

Discover the future of innovation with the Intreso Group, your global partner in trial assistance and advisory services for application and product development. Bridging the gap between manufacturers and end-users, we offer tailored solutions and support, ensuring your business thrives from Europe to Australia.

The Products We Use

The Intreso Group is at the forefront of agricultural innovation, offering cutting-edge products tailored for modern crop protection needs, both before planting and after harvest. Our products emphasize environmentally sustainable solutions to effectively manage pests, weeds, and diseases, aiming to enhance both the quality and yield for our customers.

The Solutions We Offer

The group provides end-to-end specialized handling solutions for logs, soft commodities and general cargo by Fumigations, Heat Treatments, Low Oxygen biotreatment methods, QPS Services, Gas Measurements and Pest Control Services customization.

Our Approach

We strive to achieve a thorough, accurate & ever-deepening understanding of our customers’ needs

We Listen

The customer needs are always at the centre of our attention.

Results Driven

Following initial consultations, we get straight to work on providing a cost effective solution.

Customer Satisfaction

We provide every resource we have to make sure we deliver a successful service.

Customers we work with

“All Intreso’s procedures and policies were given ahead of time and their WHS requirements were all of a quality standard.”

Central Coast Stadium NSW

“The Intreso team were timely in communication and in a manner that ensured technical matters were clear to understand.”

Wood Based Products

“Regarding weed control, there is no comparison between EDN and currently available fumigants EDN provides far superior results.”

Evergreen Turf Pty Ltd

“Getting our plants in the ground earlier means we can get in production earlier.”

Handasyde Strawberries WA

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