International Treatment Solutions

Low Pressure CO2 treatment®

Effective, sustainable, economical and fast.

With our recently patented low-pressure treatment in combination with CO2, we are leading in the field of Pest Control. With this unique method, we can protect your goods from live insects at all stages, without the use of biocides. Our specially designed climate chambers have heat sources that raise the temperature to 30 °C, which means insects are at their most active. Then the oxygen and nitrogen present are significantly reduced and replaced by Carbon Dioxide. This treatment method is very suitable for (organic) food, feed and soft commodities.

Soft commodities

Descroes deals mainly with soft commodities, such as stocks of rice, grains, cocoa, coffee, dry goods and unprocessed food stored in storage and transport locations, in warehouses, silos, buildings and other objects.

In-house concept

Do you have a large inventory with a fast treatment turnaround? Together with you, Intreso can build a fully customised treatment room at your own location including our unique treatment application, fully monitored and operated by our remote specialists. Please contact us for more information.

Bio SKAL / TÜV Nord treatment

Because our unique treatment combination and our climate chambers are SKAL Bio Control / TÜV Nord certified, our low oxygen treatment is also suitable for goods in the organic chain. After correct processing, you will receive a bio treatment certificate from us.

Video: Low pressure Co2 treatment rooms