INTRESO incorporates Draslovka Agricultural Solutions and is going worldwide

  • INTRESO Group to become a stand-alone entity offering end-to-end sustainable alternative solutions and treatments for agricultural and forestry sectors. 
  • Growth potential offered by the acceleration in momentum behind registration and commercialization of next-generation fumigants and biocides. 
  • INTRESO Group will incorporate the existing Agricultural Solutions business and hold exclusive rights to Draslovka proprietary products, including Ethanedinitrile (EDN™), BLUEFUME™ and eFUME™.

Draslovka a.s, a global leader of sustainability-led technologies, solutions and services, announces the consolidation of its activities currently centered on the Draslovka Agricultural Solutions into a stand-alone business under the International Treatment Solutions Group (“INTRESO”) brand. Operating along industry verticals as a dedicated product and services supplier, INTRESO and its management team will focus on growth and accelerating the market roll out of Draslovka’s range of next generation fumigations and biocides dedicated to bringing alternative, environmentally sustainable solutions. 

The consolidation under the INTRESO brand completes the integration of Descroes (Belgium), Fumico (NL), and DDD (Slovenia), three of Europe’s leading specialist pest control treatment providers for the global logistics industry, acquired by Draslovka in 2022. Through exclusive access to Draslovka’s portfolio of environmentally sustainable solutions, including Ethanedinitrile (EDNTM), BLUEFUMETM and eFUMETM, INTRESO will offer a drop-in replacement for existing products for its market-leading application service, offering customers an environmentally sustainable end-to-end service. 

This strategic move has been taken following successful new product registrations in recent years in markets including Asia-Pacific and Latin America. Profitable core operations will enable INTRESO to continue to achieve sustainable growth and reinvest in the continuous development of its sustainable solutions. The new entity will also be exploring opportunities to partner with others in the industry who share the ambition to lower emissions from fumigation. 

INTRESO will continue to be led by Kade McConville, who takes on the role of Chief Executive Officer of the new entity, and its global headquarters will be located in Antwerp, Belgium.

Pavel Bruzek Jr, CEO of Draslovka commented: 

“I am incredibly proud of the progress our Agricultural Solutions business has made in recent years to bring Draslovka’s environmentally sustainable solutions for biosecurity in the agricultural and forestry sectors to market. By creating new opportunities to partner with the wider industry and regulators across the world, the launch of INTRESO Group will only accelerate this process. 

I look forward to continuing to work closely with Kade and the INTRESO team as they continue to drive sustainable transformation of global supply chains of critical commodities.” 

Kade McConville, CEO of INTRESO Group added: 

“Our products and treatment options, which are more environmentally sustainable than any other solution on the market today, are fast gaining traction. The consolidation of our products and services under the INTRESO Group creates the chance to accelerate the process of bringing our solutions to market, and see them thrive. 

With a profitable core business, the INTRESO Group offers the fumigation and logistics industries a reliable and ambitious partner on the journey to adopt environmentally sustainable solutions at scale.”

About Draslovka

Draslovka a.s. (“Draslovka”) is a chemical technologies, products and services company creating value and improving sustainability in several industries, including mining, agriculture and manufacturing. Today, Draslovka is best known as the world’s largest producer of sodium cyanide, a chemical vital for gold mining however its most important contribution to the sector is its Glycine Leaching Technology (“GLT”), the company’s proprietary technology that leaches metals (including gold, copper, nickel and cobalt) in a more sustainable and economic manner. Draslovka also manufactures other specialist chemicals and reagents and provides class-leading chemical application services to the mining and pest control industries as well as AI-enabled support services.

About INTRESO Group

INTRESO Group provides global trial support, application and product development consulting, as well as registration and business and commercialisation development support for suppliers, distributors, and customers. Draslovka’s product portfolio of environmentally sustainable fumigants and biocides, EDNTM, BLUEFUMETM and eFUMETM, and its vertically integrated application services in Europe fills a gap in industry between the manufacturer and the end-user, enabling a direct link to ensure seamless custom application development and field trial support.